A normal day in LOL..

Today my gf she played a ranked game I was behind her watching and I realize that her team had no adc. She played Sona support and she had Zac ADC. She asks Zac why he didn t pick and adc. His answer was..guesss what: I like to try new things. She asks but it is ranked and he said so what it s preseason nobody cares about ranked. Amazing right? This attitude in ranked games. At this point I m asking myself what s the difference from normal games and ranked ones. When you play normal u have those guys saying: I t s normal relax. Here u have those guys saying: It s ranked so what. Amazing community right? Furthermore they had a top Fiora who picked his masteries wrong and he fed Garen like crazy, a rengar that flamed hard cause nobody helped him in the beginning but prob he forgot that he was afk/dc dunno till after the minions have spawned so in this case nobody is forced to help him it s his problem if his internet is not good just farm slowly don t flame others for your personal problems. Also Oriana mid was mediocre. She got some kills with Sona .Their enemy bot team was bad too. Miss Fortune was bad too she got killed and Lulu too by her Sona.Instead ww and Garen were rlly fed and after Cassiopeia too. In the end she lost the game. She asked the enemy team to report her team for this troll and what she got from MF was a nice NO and MF was talking to Zac in general chat about boobs and stuff. I m just asking myself what THE HELL is wrong with these people? With this game? It becomes more and more disgusting. I just couldn t believe what I saw. I ve seen lots of crap in this retard game but this it made my eyes bleeding. RITO please shove ur reforming system in ur ass it s not working! End of story. PUNISH these people for real who troll like this. This should be unacceptable to happen in ranked games especially. Ok maybe in normal games you can close your eyes sometimes but ranked games are seious for a reason. My GF wanted to climb and cause of some brainless sheeps she lost important LP. Are you sleeping RITO??? U have big issues with this toxic people around fix that FFS be more harsh about that, reforming stuff it s a huge BS this way games are ruined too much nobody will want to play this shitty game.
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