A look inside riots internal testing team

this is from Riot Novalas https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/MQob4lFt-upcoming-jungle-changes-for-810?show=flat&comment=000b0000 > While testing these changes, we've felt that there's adequate agency playing against for the first scuttle. Myself and the other jungler on the Playtest Team determined that ceding the scuttle is a solid option - Taking the first scuttle actually opens you up for a level 2 invade from the enemy jungler and can cause a jungler to get 3-buffed. > > You can defensive ward against it, ofc, but then you have a player advantage since their jungler is on the opposite side of the map taking scuttle. now let me zoom in >Myself and the other jungler on the Playtest Team so.. let me get this straight.. the two of you thought this was best? #THE TWO OF YOU? #TWO??? You literally have HUNDREDS OF PLAYERS telling this is a horrible idea. your post has OVER A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOWNVOTES but no.. the TWO of u think its "ok" like what did you try this in {{champion:19}} and {{champion:5}} one game each?
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