If Malzahar was reworked by the guy that made Yasuo

Hi all, So I had this thought, and feel free to downvote me (I know anyone playing Yasuo or who hates Malz will do so), that what if Malzahar was reworked to be more like Yasuo. The idea was given to me by a Yaśuo Main who will remain unnamed but will no doubt come on here to flame me the second he sees it. So what if...? Passive - Void Shift: Changed: Malzahar's shield now builds from negating 100% of one ability up to 100% of 4 abilities when his malefic visions is on an enemy champion or minion over a 4 second duration. No noticeable cooldown. Added: Malzahar gains double bonus AP from items built (effected by deathcap but not repeatably because THAT would be silly :P) Q - Call of the void: Changed: Now stuns for 1 second. W - Void Swarm: Added: Voidlings now have a Void Shield that blocks all oncoming projectiles (like a mini braum shield but they block every effect as well). E - Malefic Visions: Added: While Malefic Visions is on an enemy champion or minion Malzahar gains the benefit of Ghost. R - Nether Grasp: Nerfed: Can only be used on an enemy champion if they are stunned. Buffed (but in a really balanced way!): Damage increased to 200/300/400 (+250% AP), effects any stunned opponents near the target as well, and for 15 seconds after ulting Malzahar gains 50% magic penetration (stacks with all other effects like voidstaff, much like it does with conqueror and the new IE for Yasuo). Range also increased to 1400 from 700 and Cooldown reduced to 80 / 55 / 30 from 140 / 110 / 80 That sounds fair to play against right? :P
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