Feeders are really breaking the game - Change ranked to attribute personal score rather than overall

I've had it, for 3 years I keep getting matched with idiot teams who keep throwing while the enemy almost always seem to be in-sync. I had a 60% win rate and then go on massive losing sprees. used to have a 60% win rate on my 1 trick too. But with a bunch of lose sprees riot threw my way due to ridiculous matchmaking, I have dropped in elo and mmr and hopes of climbing. Everytime, EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET TO GOLD 1 AND HIGH GOLD 2 I START GETTING THE WORST GAMES THIS CAN'T BE COINCIDENCE OVER 3 YEARS - literally people who target me for NO REASON OTHER THAN EXISTING IN THE LOBBY saying they're gonna feed to make me lose. LIKE WHAT? then riot decides to ban you for showing your frustration instead of the people who are ACTUALLY MAKING THE GAME A NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE. CHANGE RANKED so that my individual performance and grade is much more of a contributor to my rank than relying on some half-assed sorry shits who either don't care about the game or are intentionally losing. At least that way I will care less about the loss and get tilted way less. That way I CAN'T POSSIBLY BLAME TEAM IF MY OWN PERFORMANCE = MY RANK, how about for a loss when I went 14/4/8 and got objectives, and ended with an S, I DON'T lose 16 LP, but instead something like 5 LP? How about if I win when I go 1/12 I only gain 5 LP as opposed to 20 LP or whatever? The grading system should play into the ranked system instead of just a fancy validating score. If I got an S, I damn ought not to be fucking demoted cause some ass-clown decided to tower dive level 2, or run it down mid, or give at ff 15 or don't know how to pick for comp or know their champ or mechanics. Game is broken, this season takes the cake for worst season I've played and worst lose streaks I've experienced. No one logically stays the same rank for 3 years, getting better stats on my champs yet going nowhere. Ridiculous.
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