Upcoming Warwick Nerfs

Patch 8.9 notes
No longer gives base mana regen or mana regen on minion kill. Now gives flat mana regen and bonus damage vs minions. We're pushing Doran's Ring away from "csing gives you mana". Basically, incentivizing "use spells on waves because you'll get the mana back" puts mages in a weird cycle where trading is generally a worse choice than simply waveclearing.
_Taken From 8.9 Official Patch Notes._ Warwick's early dueling and clearspeed allows opponents few opportunities to fight him in the early-mid game, and also secures him a gold/experience advantage against most junglers. Dialing that back (TARGET'S MAXIMUM HEALTH DAMAGE 6/7/8/9/10% ⇒ 6/6.5/7/7.5/8%) should help him feel more fair to play against, **but he'll still be strong early.** Meanwhile, ATTACK DAMAGE 66 ⇒ 63. GG Rito.
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