The fact that people want 10 bans shows that Riot can't balance this game right

If the community wants 10 bans because there are too many champions that have too easy of a time against almost every champion and Riot are ok with doing that, then there is a balancing problem. I understand that some champions are always going to be annoying because of their kits (Yasuo, Teemo) but if there is a champion base that outweighs others significantly (Lee Sin, Vayne, LeBlanc, etc) and there way to fixing it is by adding more bans, then there is a huge counter play issue here that should be looked at after 10 bans are put in play. It almost feels like it is a game of luck what everyone is playing, everyone is praying that.. 1) People ban the appropriate "OP" champions 2) The remaining "OP" champions aren't picked (because there is way more than 6 to ban) 3) If people do pick these op champions, hope they play like ass, or it's gg. Am I the only one who feels this way?
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