@Meddler : intent with the new Warlord Bloodlust on PBE

Hi, There is currently a version of Warlord Bloodlust on the PBE that gives only Lifesteal. No more AS, no more Crit synergy. So what are the goal of this change? More specific points: * Who are the intended users? Does removing Crit synergy mean that non-ADC are now supposed to go for this keystone? * What is the differentiation point between Fervor of Battle and Warlord? Both look good for extended fights, which fits well with the Red tree being the tree for DPS (vs the Purple tree for Burst) and they both apply to basic attack only. But why take one over the other, except just mathematically one is better than the other? Side question: I always felt that one of the many reasons Thunderlord was crowding other options was because it was MUCH better in early game, even if it fell off in later stages of the game. So are Keystone intended to have "powerspike", so to speak? I'm not sure it's a good idea, because it restricts probably too much who can use what keystone. My guess is that no, they are not intended to have powerspike, hence the removal of the Crit synergy, that is not good in early game (before building Crit). Also, most other keystones scale with levels or are % amplifications, in order to stay relatively steady in power provided throughout the game.
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