Dude what the fuck is even Cass toplane

If you've ever even gone near playing this shit as a melee champion your beyond fucked, and normally it shouldn't even be that bad but Phase rush makes it impossible. Even if you dodge her Poison she just spams twin fangs, ive had death recaps that show literally nothing but twin fangs spam because I CANNOT CATCH HER. She can miss every Q and still kite me because of phase rush and R threat, if you dodge her R (Looking back) it still slows a significant amount allowing her to kite easily, Miasma is basically undodgeable and they removed the range limitation last patch which was the only saving grace for melee champions. The WORST PART OF ALL OF THIS is that she MASSIVELY OUTSCALES despite being a potent lane bully, her passive allows for her unique ability to take 6 non boots items which is even worse than most outscaling champions. Ive played against this champion against {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:39}} and she holds up well against all of them. She thrashes melee champions easily (I think Irelia is the only melee champ that had a chance and thats only because of lucky Miasma dodges) and she goes even or better against ranged champions. She needs her base mobility toned down and have it scale to the same level late game, shift her damage around so spamming E like a tourette syndrome sufferer doesnt work and you have to actually hit her abilities and put back the fucking Miasma range limitation so she doesnt have an 'oh fuck someone actually gap closed well' button

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