How do I counter Zed in mid?

Heres my situation, I'm playing normals to strengthen my middle lane for ranked. Whenever I play blind pick ad get the roll, I love to play either Nidalee, or Kassadin. Both of these champs are fun, easy to learn and hard to master. I have a problem though, half the time I get matched against a Zed. Now normally. I wouldn't be to phased, but recently Zed as a champion has completely been tearing me a new butthole. There's multiple problems with him I just can't get passed. 1. His Q cooldown seems to be very low compared to what it used to be, and the damage on it, if maxed first outscales alot of AP mid's damages at lower levels. 2. His dive is extemely safe, and this is really what gets to me. At 6, his all in is almost completely an instant kill on any AP mid. The Zed I will lane against uses Death Mark while I'm under my tower, he then throws his W->E->Q combo, and then ignites me if I'm not dead yet. If I'm under 3/4 health, he WILL kill me. This is extremely frustrating, as this early in the game I have no items to counter the very high levels of damage coming from him. Well you might say: Q: Pick Kayle A: Well yes, this is an option I've tried, and I've seen succsess with. I had to pickup kayle during the preseason to counter Zed, that was becoming a very potent pick in ranked. Q: Get better at the champions, the Zed is obviously more skilled than you. A: I really can't agree to this statement. Zed is EXTREMELY potent in lane, and the damage coming off of him in the early game denies me CS, which then denies me the rest of the game. My Nidalee carried me to S1 during preseason 5. No, I am not a "bronzie", and I don't consider myself to be bad at League at all. My main goal during any game is not to get kills, but to not die, denying my opponet massive amounts of gold, and items. This is foiled with Zed's extremely safe dive, and high burst. Q: Roam then A: This is actually a tactic that has won me many games when I'm laning against a counter. I gank other lanes, and am usually able ot pick up some kills, and get right back into the game. Though with Zed, the early, harass and burst is too much. I end up getting too behind, and feeding the Zed like hell. It understandably pisses my team off, and then we all start fighting. So here is my question, with Zed's potent kit, and strong dive, how do I refrain from dying to him, while also maintaining a healthy CS? Thank you for your feedback. TL;DR: Zed has a very potent kit, with high burst and great harras. How do I stop myself from dying, and maintain a helathy CS?
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