How has Ranked become so awful?

It's almost like at any tier at or below Gold (for reference, that's 75% of the playerbase) the game becomes less about how good you individually are, and more about how decent your ADC or jungler is. So far, as a support OTP, I'm not thinking I want to play ranked at all this season if the preseason is at all representative of how crappy the game state is. My last 5 ranked losses -- the only ones I have this season -- happen to mysteriously come with an ADC who started to flame people within the first ten minutes, and two of them had been flaming since they left champ select... even if they aren't flaming me. Interesting to note, the wins I have in ranked occur when stuff like that _doesn't happen_ which in and of itself should probably indicate to people that there's something hugely wrong with how ranked is set up and balanced at this very moment. Last season, I had like 8 or 9 games where no-one on either team was bitching (**of the thousand I had, and I fuckin' counted throughout the season to compare with S8 and S7**) and this season it feels like those matches are **gone.** Now answer me this: if "ranked" play is seriously so fucked up that 0.8% of my games actually had, like, decent quality people within it... **AND I'M SILVER, HALFWAY TO THE CUTOFF POINT OF GOLD...** then how do you expect anyone to take it seriously? And how do you expect people **not** to randomly start trolling because the matches are incapable _of_ being taken seriously? TL; DR: When half of all games start with "muh teamcomp I guess I'll just play Heim ADC then morons", how do you expect people to take the game seriously? How do you expect to combat toxicity when people _won't_ take the game seriously?
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