Do people lose their brains in placements?

I just don't understand. Why am I, a silver/gold player, matched with a support who neither rushes sightstone or wards? That kind of shit is in bronze v. This isn't even one of those "hur dur, I'mma go Annie and CARRY noob." It was a fucking Braum that just rushed straight health. I got to gold V over the preseason so I could be matched with silver/gold players after the reset. Every single person on the opposite team except for top warded more than my support. Is this really the quality of placement matches now? That even when I try to get to gold over preseason to get my my mmr up to have an easier time getting back into gold in season 6, I get a support that doesn't even do one of the most important jobs of support? This singlehandedly makes me want to dodge if I DON'T get support. And this isn't even just one match. First placement, the enemy is DC for the ENTIRE game, and we are LOSING a 5v4 for the overwhelming majority of the game. The strategy that is obvious (force a teamfight) actually works, but for some reason we don't do that. Second placement, it is a fucking shit show of throws all over the place. The game isn't fun because no one is willing to perform any semblance of teamwork, and the only reason we somehow pull out a win is because the enemy is more of a clusterfuck than us. Third placement is another shitshow when two of my team members are trying to figure out who is the worse player after they both get caught out extended in the mid-late game with absolutely no vision in their area. The fourth placement is the one described above. _My ranked games over 5 seasons have been toxic, full of throws, and rage inducing, but holy shit these past four games make me question just how skilled I am if I am being matched with these idiots. For fucking sake, my NORMAL games are better than this even when we're all full-throttle tryharding._ Is this just a stupid streak or is this the quality of early season placements?
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