if lulu got an update and you could change her w to anything, what would it be?

I'm talking here as a lulu main. her polymorph is busted. click on someone diving the carry and now they can't do anything for the teamfight (assuming it doesn't bug out and not silence anything.) even after defending her amazing ability to shut down assassins of all caliber with the flick of her wand, I'll admit her polymorph just isn't fun to play against. (you assassin mains can back me up it's never fun being the bunny) so. what would you do? she obviously needs something to fill the slot without it. I've thought of a few things but they'd work best in a further kit retooling (and a vu to go with it since she's the last of the yordles with the blank eyed stare and the pizza feet hidden in the robes.) such as modeling her more after her lore so she can bring her enchanted forest pets and glade out to help her, and to make ivern her friend.
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