Shyvana's Dragon's Decent should completely push enemies to its landing location and then stun them

I think the CC on Shyvana's ultimate is very underwhelming; all it does is displace targets caught by an inch and then fly over them. It has a minimal impact in teamfights especially since Shyvana, as a tank, is supposed to use it as an initiation. In addition, its slow and telegraphed, can also be very easily stopped with any CC mid-flight. The fact that Shyvana has no CC anywhere else in her kit, and she's a tank, means that her ult has to feel pretty impactful. I believe giving her ultimate more powerful and impactful CC would be the right buff for her, since she's struggling a bit. It also is very thematically fitting. Just add a QoL buff where enemies are knocked back all the way to the landing location instead of just by an inch, and then _probably_ add a mini stun like 0.75s afterwards. Thoughts?
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