Yasuo's Gameplay: Enhanced mini-Guide on how to play Yasuo/What he is

So after the disgusting reaction I had to an assumption that Yasuo is a champion with a play style similar to Fiora or Renekton (he is not based on AA cancelling or the sort). I've decided to make a little post on what he can do once you reach a higher skill level with him other than Q Q Q R (the most basic and inefficient thing in my life. All terms used here are not the well known ones and just ones I came up with. Before we start this off though, Yasuo is the second most mechanically potent champion in the game. First being Riven. (Check out a reddit post of all her combos, it is overwhelming as hell.) **Steel Tempest** and **Sweeping Blade** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known as either the EQ "cheese" or the "GUARANTEED KNOCKUP" combination, this combo can be used for multiple strategic advantages. **Snipping** Keys Used: EQ Difficulty: 2/5 Snipping is the use of EQ to increase E damage and hit enemies with multiple AOE Q's without actually dashing to them, maximizing E damage just for them **How it is performed** Freeze the lane in your favor, and wait for an incoming enemy wave to attend to the current wave (this is to maximize snipping). EQ the enemy if they are near the closest enemy minions to you to "snip" them, then EQ the enemy minions up behind them when they run to snip them again. If they don't run, trade them then and there. Once they start running, start snipping them again. Keep doing this until there are no minions left to E towards that leave you closer to the enemy. Once there are none, EQ the enemy and by that time you would have stacked a tornado (because usually you can only snip twice) **Multi-Snipping** Keys Used: EQ Difficulty: 3/5 If there are multiple enemy champions (or you are in a teamfight) you can use snipping to snip everyone around you, forcing them to separate or eat free Q damage. You can then EQ with the tornado you have to land probably a 2 man knockup once you are close enough to the enemy. (Note: To land a 2-3 man knockup, you need to be right ontop of the closest enemy grouped up with the other enemy champions to hit them all with EQ tornado) Blade Flash Keys Used: EQ D/F Difficulty: 3/5 Very simple and straightforward however hard to perfect. Essentially Flashing while in EQ, to Q at the target location of the flash however dashing to the target of the E before flash. (did you understand that?) Can be used to land a guaranteed non-telegraphed knockup, that can also hit multiple people if used right. ---------------------------------------- **Last Breath**, **Steel Tempest** and **Sweeping Blade** ------------------------------------------ The 3 abilities that gain the most salt when used together, and the most vital abilities for Yasuo to exist. (I'm not listing all possible combos, only some btw) **Double Dashing Tornado** Keys Used: EQ(tornado) EQ R Difficulty: 5/5 Probably the most damaging but very hard to do combo, that has specific conditions and requires pretty precise timing. The Idea is that you dash to an enemy with tornado up to EQ, then EQ to a very close enemy but time the Q so it activates while Yasuo is in his ult. (so a split second after you press EQ twice, then R so it doesn't cancel the Q but it doesn't cast the Q where you previously just were either) Very skill expressive and will get you the POGCHAMPS **Dashing Tornado** Difficulty: 3.5/5 About the same as DDT but instead its Q(tornado) EQ R and not EQ EQR The only thing different is that the enemy is far away, but close enough to be hit by a tornado and you are close enough to an enemy to do the second half of DDT. Less difficult, but still not something you can just do on a normal basis. ------------------------ **Little mini combos that dont need a name** ---------------------- Difficulty of all of these range from 1/5 to 2.5/5 at best. Q(tornado)ER Q(tornado) AA R AA EQ(tornado) R That's about it for now, try these out if you own Yasuo but you don't play him at all. (or if you have a skin shard for him and you like it)

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