At level 6 Leblanc can root a target for 3 seconds--as an assassin

How about we nerf this instead of continually destroying an assassin's ability to assassinate? The current PBE nerf to Leblanc's Q scaling will do nothing to her proplay presence because no one picks her specifically for damage--she has, bar none, the best gank assistance of any champion in the game. As long as she can dash two screens away and snare a target long enough for her team to collapse,she will continue to be a monster in coordinated play. But every nerf to her damage and CDs makes her worse and worse to play as a solo champion. An assassin **should never** be able to hard cc anyone for as long as 3 seconds, but instead of nerfing that we nerf the assassin's numbers, making her less able to act independently because she can't make her own plays without her damage. At this point, I don't even care if you remove her snare entirely, just please stop nerfing an assassin's damage to preserve her cc that she shouldn't have in the first place.
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