It’s not rewarding playing many immobile mages/ADCs

Riot! You continue to grant mobile champions all the tools they require to succeed in destroy immobile champions. You are neglecting a lot of immobile champions. Try playing a game using a Vel Koz mid laner. This isn’t exclusive to just Vel koz, many immobile champions are in horrible state right now. You can mostly see this with Mages and some ADC champions as well It’s neither fun, nor rewarding. No! VelKoz’s damage is not much higher due to his immobility. Does he has true damage? Yes, but true damage is also freely given now. Have you guys tried playing Ashe in this meta? It’s not fun! Have you tried playing a Karthus ? You can’t keep doing this to immobile champions. This isn’t a meta thing! They are just weak in general. Why is Leblanc considered harder to play in mid laner than Vel Koz, Zigs..etc. They are becoming more and more unreliable because you constantly decrease their damage and cools down. Yet you continue to increase or give more mobility to new champions. You’re forcing these immobile champions to constantly land abilities to have a chance. Start buffing or reworking some of these champions because they aren’t worth playing now in a game where Irelia, LB, Camille, Yi, and Lucian, J4..etc are not only extremely viable but overbearing You can’t lane against these champions or be in a game with them. Why does it feel like your thrown at the end of one spectrum of viability when picking some of these immobile champion. Picking a Vel Koz is basically telling players, I need to play like a ^***^ and 2 screens away.
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