5 Year Old Champs Still Cost 6300 BE..

[](https://www.mobafire.com/images/avatars/vi-classic.png) "Oh, Warring Kingdoms Vi is pretty cool! Maybe I'll get her so I can buy the skin. She's a 4800, right? *Checks store* 6300!? When did she come out..? *Does research* Five years ago!?" {{champion:267}} {{champion:254}} Both released in December 2012. Still cost 6300. {{champion:412}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:127}} Released in early 2013. All 6300 after 5 years. The current spread of skins look like this: 32 - 6300 48 - 4800 24 - 3150 22 - 1350 13 - 450 A little top heavy if you ask me. This is why I still have quite a few champions to go after playing the game for over 5 years, and I purchased the $30 starter bundle too along with a couple individual champs on sale. I know Riot needs to make money and all that, but if you're anything but a hardcore player the rate of champion unlocks just seems too slow. And after the new Blue Essence system, it feels even slower (even if they claim it's technically not) And when you really think about it, the different price tiers for champions seem pretty arbitrary. I mean it makes sense for new champions to cost more, but after a certain amount of time why should any one champion cost more than another? To a new player Ashe and Vi are equally unique and interesting characters, so why is their pricing so radically different (450 vs 6300)? EDIT: I realize how the system works - when a new champ comes out a champion gets lowered a tier (although the rate of 4800 champions and below getting reduced is much slower), but I think there should be some kind of threshold, or {{champion:412}}hold if you will, where after a certain amount of time a champion is lowered to a baseline price. It just makes more sense
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