Riot you have a decision to make, Nerf these joke "support" champs or change the role

this is getting ridiculous {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} are ruining the balance of bot lane and shouldnt be allowed to exist in a role they werent meant for. look at zyra who has been super unfair for MULTIPLE patches now, she kills you without even interacting with her lane opponents, just rename the champ to plants and azir to soldiers since you arent playing against the champ you are playing against some non sense that they spawn. now we got these classic lux and brand supports that die instantly and have super obvious skill sets around how they are going to play while bringing a toxic playstyle to bot lane, its already annoying dealing with {{champion:202}} every match anyways but have him and one of these joker "supports" is making the game insanely unfair and frustrating. The point of a support in my eyes is someone who provides stats and/or tankiness to provide peel for the carry to be able to exist and play off that in lane, for example thresh/blitz/naut/leona/braum/alistar they soak up damage while distracting/cc the enemy so the carry can get a healthy trade in lane. this is how i see how the support role should only be also including healing type supports that i didnt mention. The core problem is that these mage "supports" are allowed to do insane amounts of damage while being able to outclass the tradition supports without much counterplay. In conclusion, tradition supports are how riot should improve or add more of and get rid of these toxic champs that dont belong bot lane. -Salty scumbag toxic riven player
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