Vladamir is seriously broken

This is the most stupid fucking champ I think riot could ever develop. Takes 0 god damn skill to fucking play him and you auto lock this champ if you are insecure as fuck. And to put the cherry on the god damn cake it doesn't help when your teammates are apes. There is no way of fucking solo killing him and its retarded. You wonder why your game is fucking dying and you have champs like this. Get a grip and pay for a good fucking balance team because right now they are missing the left side of their brain. Ok my rant is over Serious note: I believe that Vladimir make have certain traits to him that make him a little op. I do not think he should be able to heal his entire health bar with an ability and also have his w make him invincible. I hope that we could possibly get a nerf for this champion or make him less op in the early stages. I believe this would help people laning, however it would not take away some power components.

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