ADCs should not be strong enough to survive in a solo lane

Oh look, {{champion:236}} is going solo mid again, I wonder why. Here's why. His laning phase is too strong, he is too mobile, he does too much damage, he's too difficult to gank, his passive is broken. Anyone who plays this cancer mid, including Faker, is a freelo abuser. Lucian, and all other ADCs need to be gutted, 40 base AD should do the trick. Same shit with {{champion:42}} mid, another cancer which, thankfully, is now (for the most part) gone. Here's why. Laning phase is too strong, too much mobility, too much damage, easy poke, stupid waveclear into roaming potential. That's why {{champion:18}} is so strong right now, because she is basically {{champion:51}} but with self peel and ridiculous mobility. This is the price they SHOULD pay for their f*cking ridiculous damage, starting at a measly {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} which allows them to BURST for some God-knows-what reason. ADCs should be COMPLETELY 100% reliant on their supports for keeping them alive. Which is not that hard considering they have {{champion:40}} or {{champion:117}} with {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} to boot.
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