Instead of nerfing Healers into the dirt in ARAM, just buff baseline sustain.

As things stand, if you end up playing {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:350}} on ARAM, your healing (which is quite a large portion of your power budget) is neutered. On somebody like Sona, whose heal isn't very large to begin with, the ability is basically dead. If you've played for long enough, you know exactly why this is the case: "there's almost no innate sustain in ARAM, so anybody who can keep their team healthy is broken since they can just rack up chip damage until they feel like going in." ...Riot, the way around this is *not* to take healing away from healers. It's to give *everybody* more healing so supports keeping people healthy isn't such a big deal. Solutions include... * Give everybody in ARAM elevated health regeneration. * Buff the living shit out of health relics. * Let people walk back to the fountain to heal themselves.
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