Ideas about Diana rework

{{champion:131}} As a fan of Diana's Lore and a intensive gamer, i would like to recommend a nice idea for a rework. I play Diana alot and enjoy her dash combos but feel like she needs something more. Diana's kit seems lack luster having to just land her Skillshot (Crescent Strike) and them Lunar Rush in and EXPLODE , her enemy and/or herself. There could be more interesting gameplay with her abilties. In terms of a rework i feel like her assassin playstyle QRWEQR or any variant of that is worthy for now. Although i would agree with many that i like her versatile assassin and/or fighter playstyle i would like to Express my opinion, as a hardcore Diana player. Passive: Diana's Armor and Weapon grant her basic abilities a passive and active interaction with Moonlight Debuff. Crescent Strike: Diana unleashed a lunar bolt from her blade dealing magic damage revealing the enemy and area for the debuff duration. Diana's enemies are debuffed with Moonlight. The Interactions with debuffing any enemy with moonlight should be further explored in my opinion. All Q debuffs fade when Diana consumes a mark or when it expires. The moonlight duration would be similar to the live version. MoonSilver Blade: -Passive: Diana's attack speed is increased by **X **Percent. Diana's third auto attack cleaves nearby enemys dealing **X** Magic Damage. Diana charges her blade every third cleave, holds 2 charges of Silver Cleave. -Active: Diana's moonsilver blade cleaves infront of her slowing enemies by **X** percent for **X** Seconds. (slow has diminishing returns) Upon striking an enemy with Moonlight debuff doesnt slow but deals true damage (no ap scaling but would increase per level). Note: Resets attack animation, range would be 200 units. Lunar Rush: -Passive: Diana can dash to an enemy afflicted with her Moonlight debuff and gains a shield upon collision. Upon breaking or expiring the shield bursts around her dealing magic damage. Note: the interaction would be right clicking or attack move click to dash to the enemy. The range would be smaller about 500 units. Her shield AoE Range is much like her Live version's Pale Cascade. Her shield damage and threshold scales with her max hp. -Active: The area around Diana slows for **X** seconds before she teleports to a target location in **X** seconds. She cannot use her active until she has dashed to an enemy. Note: After activating her Lunar Rush, she cannot use her lunar dash (passive) until its off cooldown. MoonFall: Diana draws in light from around her before she scribes the ground with her moonsilver blade stunning all enemies in the vicinity. Note: this does no damage whatsoever, but allows her to turn the fight around. It takes her **X** seconds to charge up and she has ***X** amount of seconds to expel her drawn energy. The ultimate is very noticable due to the light around her and the area darkening. The range would be around 500, think more like live version Moonfall. I feel like Diana could excel as an AP fighter/bruiser. Her slows and lock down with ult could help her with team fights/skirmishes and dueling. Her kit here could allow her to jungle if needed (much like S2 Diana). With this kit. i feel like it would fit her lore more better, and make her playstyle more intricate and engaging. Some feed back would be nice, positive and/or negative. This is an Idea, so the kit could change.
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