@Meddler : Questions about the New Guinsoo

I have 2 questions about the new Guinsoo : 1) The tooltip says that MELEE attacks grant 1 stack. Does it mean that RANGED attacks grant 0 stack ? I'm confused about the sentence. 2) About the passive "Guinsoo Rage" : does it work like the Phantom Hit of the live Sated Devourer ? I want to know if it means that Vayne's W will proc every 2 hit (same for Jax, Aatrox and so on). I'm also confused about this one. I know that Xin Zhao's W critical strike is an "on-attack" effect but according to many wikia, Vayne's W, Jax's R and Aatrox's W are "on-hit" effects.
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