Can Brand get better wave clear

This is aimed towards {{champion:63}} mid. TL;DR: Have E deal bonus damage to **minions only** and have the damage scale with AP only or have it scale with AP only and have the AP ratio increase with E's level like {{champion:15}} Q. His wave clear currently sucks, You need to use all 3 abilities and spend a ton of mana to clear a regular minion wave. Late game is even worse since your W radius is not big enough to get all minions. I think giving his E bonus damage to **MINIONS ONLY!** Would come a long way in making his wave clear better. To reduce the possibility of indirectly buffing support Brand, the following can be done. 1. Have E deal bonus damage to minions that scales with AP only. Now If you really want to make sure this doesn't impact support Brand, you can go to the second option 2. Have E deal bonus damage to minions that scales with AP only and have the AP ration increase with the level of E. These would be similar to how {{champion:15}} Q works. and example for the bonus damage increasing with both AP and levels would be (10/20/30/40/50% AP) bonus magic damage to minions only at E levels 1/2/3/4/5. This way Brand would need both AP and levels in order for this to be effective, something that support Brand cant get easily.

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