Reworked Aatrox is way worst than current Aatrox

Dear Rioters, What have you done? You should have reworked Aatrox for the better not the worst. Please tell me, why you copy past? why can not you make something new? If this is a college essay, it will be considered cheating or plagiarism and you will fail because...…. You have copied Irelia's new passive and pasted it in Aatrox's new passive. You have copied Revin's Qs and pasted it to Aatrox's Q. You have copied Swain's new Ravenous passive and pasted it to Aatrox's W. You have copied Fiora's Q and pasted it to Aatrox's E Finally you have copied Swain's new R and pasted it to Aatrox's R. Is that is it, guys? You have got no more creativity to creat something new? Seriously? Really? WTF, we have waited for so long for this ugly spells caster? RIP Aatrox 2013-2018, he will be missed as much as I miss my grandfather now. Come on, riot! I am a fighter that wants to kill people using his sword only not ugly weird spells, I am not a mage! I can not no longer kill someone inside the fountian and revive and get out safe and sound with this new aatrox, because now he dies like Tryndmere when he enters the fountian even if he is ulti is acitivated, this means you took away my second life. I can no longer solo baron at level 13, rift at level 9, dragon at level 4, Red buff at level 1 with this new aatrox, because you took away all the heal I have got. Rioters, please do not let this rework comes to the live server, we have with the current Aatrox, we do not want a rework no more, please riot. I know everybody hates Aatrox because he heals so much and revive all the time even you rioters hate him and wish him to disapear forever, you can do that, you can delete Aatrox from the game, but do it officaily not unofficially, and never call this new champion you just made Aatrox, because he can not be a replacement for him, he just can be a mixed cocktail juice! I want to cut someone using my sword and left hand only, I do not want to use freaking Irelia's passive, revin's Qs, Swain's pulls, Fiora's Dashes, or Swains's ulti, respect my mind set, I can not focus on using spells even with old aatrox I never used Qs and Es, I only used to kill my foes with my passive, W, R, and ghost, I really simple minded guy, and you want to deny me for my simplicity? I do not want to stop someone from healing using my passive because everybody knows I am king of heal. I do not want to one shot someone using my Qs because everybody know I love to toture my opponent and not give him an easy death, because I am not an assassin. I do not want to pull someone, come on I am not support blitzcrank. I do not want to dash like a coward, I want to jump like a legend, I do not flee like Fiora. I do not want ulti like Swain and gain health for that afterwards, I want to revive a billion time like Jusus and heal my self a trillion time like a christ. Revert it please for the love of the christ do it. If this rework comes live I will quit playing league of legends forever, you can consider Aatrox and I dead forever if it comes live. Phoenixblade07 RIP 2009-2018. Aatrox The Darkin Blade RIP 2013-2018. Aatrox and I will wait for jesus to revive us with him when we die after this rework comes to live.
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