Power Creep Has Literally Made Ranked Games Impossible To Solo Carry

Every champion can 1 shot you. Being an assassin just means you do it slightly faster. A cho'gath with 9 AP full tank was able to Silence-auto-ult me and kill me as a fed kha'zix with black cleaver. considering all of that is point and click, besides the silence which is literally "if you're in front of me you get hit by this" and I'm dead. where is his damage coming from? No matter what I do, if my team does bad I cannot solo carry them. I hate to say this, but literally, check my op.gg. Every game I win, normals or not, 99% of the time I am the one doing the best on our team. And when we lose, I still do the best on my team, and often I do amazing. I am not saying that I am a perfect player. I have many mistakes I need to work on, like dragon controls, and when to not be greedy. But I have consistently done the best on my team, and consistently lost games either way. It isn't in my control whether or not my teammates do good or bad, and when I consistently do good and lose anyway, it makes me want to pull my fucking hair out.
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