Do something about invisible champions (esp. camouflaged)

You got rid of pink wards and now we can't do jack shit about invisible champions. Pink wards were like the one and only defence against camouflaged. Just got out of a game against Twitch jungle who landed ganks 100% of the time. There's like no fucking way to play around that camouflaged bullshit. Remember when Evelynn was a huge balancing problem because you couldn't avoid her ganks? Riot had to start a new level of nerfs nowadays renowned as "the evelynn treatment," where Riot nerfs the champion so hard that the champion never steps foot on the summoner's rift ever again. Well it's time to do that shit to Twitch as well. Because this fucking champion will not only find perfect ganks 100% of the time because laners can only put down 1 pink ward, but also prevent you from killing him by attacking from a far as a RANGED CHAMPION. LIKE WTF. Think about it. At least Evelynn is a squishy melee so you can choose to go for a kill. Then there's this fucking rat TWITCH, who has a slow before 6, DoT, and hits from a far with red buff that makes escaping impossible. He's like ranged Evelynn who essentially scales into being an ADC. Tldr: give Twitch some kind of Evelynn treatment (so weak that he can't clear a 800hp river crab without leash) FUCK TWITCH. P.S.: I bought Evelynn and a full set of runes to abuse her and it's so hilarious how easily I can put someone on tilt. Camp a lane, 5+ ganks and free win. Can't wait to gather enough ip and buy twitch so I can do that more effectively. /end rant

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