Urf needs a new and Unique map to save it

lets be fair to urf, the mode is terrible being played on summoners rift and thats like its only real issue (asside from when champs are bugged or op and they get more so with 80% cd and no mana costs (like invisible nunu)) they compensated for everyone taking tp by adding the cannon... well maybe if the map wasn't so stupidly large there would be no need for a cannon/TP The dragon and baron are snowball tools.. you mean game ending minigames you constantly have to play around.. i wanna be focused on machine gunning someone down in lane and not have to stare at the mini-map should someone like {{champion:69}} or {{champion:19}} decided to solo the drag on 2 items towers... what a joke they are.. you can literally run {{champion:14}} + {{champion:18}} and obliterate any tower you want at any time especally after your team gets 1 kill in any lane.. 4 manning a tower takes 1 minute you could just re-skin and revamp treeline (since its being removed from a permanent mode) hexakill is already played on treeline, so why not bring it into season 10 and host urf and hexakill on a revamped map

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