So, when can we top mains expect to have our lane fixed?

Because if myself as a top main can only get wins as ADC, then idk what else screams a failure of a lane than toplane. Not only that, but im never autofilled when I go top primary: Something that has never happened to me ever since Autofill was created until now. Its just so bad to play even with all the broken shit because of: - 0 impact on the game - 50/50 matchups that require you to be agro 24/7 - jg camps the lane since its the easiest to camp - only one early game objective that most soloq jgs get after the result of botlane - too many champs in one lane that it becomes impossible to balance - too many niche counterpicks that are impossible to ban out - heavy lack of map presence (thanks TP nerf) Like the list goes on. I just chatted with a buddy of mine who was D1 in top, and he fell as far as D4, and he completely agrees the lane is shit, and lacks any type of presence. TFBlade wins by practically not even playing the lane. Hes a second jungler in his game basically, and not everyone can do that. I want my lane back Riot, so I'd much appreciate it since you took my honor away because I was too harsh to a person who decided to play as remake would happen, and it screwed the rest of the game afterward. There is no other lane for us since midlane doesn't want any of our champs in their lane, but they are content with their's in our lane.
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