I don't think you should have removed Hunter's Potion for no real reason.

Title. I like {{item:2032}}. I don't see any reason to remove it. "Hunter's Potion is an underpowered and seldom-picked option for players. We're removing it from the game as we don't feel it’s necessary in the current jungle." I thought it's power level was just fine and that is a reason to buff it, not remove it. I am not going to argue that it was seldom-picked for most players but I know I picked it pretty much every game. If you feel the need to remove it for all the people that don't pick it that's fine, but why are you removing it from me and the people that _do_ use it? I'm not sure it is "necessary" in the current jungle either, but I feel like you could say that about nearly every item in the game to a certain extent. Pretty sure there are MOBAs out there with no items in them if we feel like arguing... None of those are real reasons to completely remove it. Now if you were to show up and tell me you didn't want junglers to have too much extended sustain in the jungle it would be different. I still wouldn't like it, but that's at least a real reason. P.S. I've always been of the opinion Teemo is an underpowered and seldom-picked options for players. You should remove it from the game as I don't feel you should feel it's necessary in the current League of Legends. Plus he's satan apparently... Love, Olath Quortek, a slightly confused Sion jungle main

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