> **_WE'VE MOVED TO A NEW THREAD!!!!_** WE'VE MOVED EDIT: GUYS, FOLLOW RULE 3 PLEASE. OR I AM NOT GOING TO EVEN LOOK AT YOUR REQUEST! 1: 2: 3: In progress! Graves & TF I'm really happy to see the new honor system rolling out. It's made the community much more positive I find, and I really appreciate that. That coupled with the celebration of Canada day, I decided to give back! I'll be doing drawings for the most part of today as I practice with some lineless and lined art. It may be a bit more sketch-dependant but I hope to do many people's comments! So, **I'm gonna do some requests! JUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS!!** _1: Please remain respectful 2: Please give me exact details. If you want a champion concept, I'll need references! 3: Please comment "Bump" to acknowledge you've read this. It will also bump the post :) 4: Stay friendly and have an awesome day!_ (Please note I may be unable to do all of the submissions, but I'll do as many as possible!) Thanks everyone! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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