Why would you nerf Morgana mid?

Little confused about the mana regen nerf on Morgana. So every other champ in the game is allowed to have low mp cost wave clear as a mid, but Morgana isnt? Meta Champions that easily clear mid wave with low mana costs: Ahri Ekko Karthus Talon Zoe Diana Vladamir Tailyah Xerath I could list about 20 more if I went into off meta champs. So basically you're going to force me to buy a lost chapter on my first back instead of other things I may need to counter a current matchup. It's not a significant nerf, but its annoying. Also where are the Rakan and Pyke nerfs? Morgana is considered a top tier support right now because you released several EXTREMELY overpowered supports recently that she semi counters. Maybe nerf the overpowered people and Morgana would become more of a niche pick again than a necessity. By the way. The counter play to W spam in bot lane is to stand near your wave. This causes her to choose to push the bot wave at the cost of applying scorch/spellthief/manaband. This means her lane will be easier to gank and forces her team to have better control of river. By the way the only reason it is spammable is because of Manaband. Why don't you just remove manaband? It's a stupid rune anyway. You've nerfed mana regen to the point where mages have to take it. I'd rather take Nimbus cloak, but I can't. Where is the rune choice? Also, black shield has a 22 second cooldown. Making it costs 30 more mana will do absolutely nothing. It's not like you're spamming it like a Janna shield. Have people at Riot games ever actually seen a league game before? Anyway, it's not a huge deal. As a one trick Morgana it's not going to affect me very much. I'm just a little confused about why Rakan has a charm, a knock up, a heal, a shield, and 400 dashes, but I didn't see any Rakan nerfs on the PBE. Little confused about why Rakan is a top LCS pick in just about every game but Is till don't see any patch notes about him. I'm a little confused about the state of pyke. Little bit confused about the state of some other mids. Also why are you nerfing support again? Jesus.
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