why is the CC portion of Fiora's Kit getting buffed???

http://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/04/49-pbe-update-new-and-tweaked-splash.html#more CC duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds. For a one point wonder skill, which she generally maxes out last. It would be fine if the CC stun duration was 2 seconds if she lands the actual riposte by blocking CC to land her own conditional stun, but in reality even if she doesnt block CC she still wins all trades after the fact as it also comes with a 50% attack speed slow. Which will now be for 2 seconds. For the record, Malphite E scales to a 50% attack speed slow for 3 seconds at rank 5. And attack speed slows are what Malphite is known for. Nasus Wither is a 47.5% attack speed slow for less than 1 second at rank 5 (it scales up 47.5% over the duration) and people bitch about that all the time. Now you are going to give Fiora, the 1v1 split push champ, who is all about true damage and dashing about, a cripple which with only one skill point will be as powerful as 2 tanks/juggernauts who are known for attack speed slows. What are you thinking Riot
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