Anti-Shield... Should I just give up playing now?

This is a purely ridiculous thing to add to the game. It is going to destroy enchanters in botlane and make the mid-lane mages {{champion:63}}, {{champion:161}}. {{champion:101}}. {{champion:45}}, which have been forced out of midlane by the newer, more power crept mages and assassins, (eg. {{champion:518}}, {{champion:142}}, {{champion:131}}) the dominant picks in botlane. Enchanters are my favorite champions in the game because I don't think the game should be out straight up killing the enemy and I like to feel useful from my team, save them from death, help them in battle ect. This move, all just because Riot can't counter {{champion:92}} without her mains complaining about it as they've stuffed her full of so much love, she's practically carrying multiple STD's. This will destroy enchanters and ensure that {{champion:53}} will counter every enchanter support in the game. IT'S COWARDICE. A FAILURE by Riot to face up to their own responsibilities and nerf something for the good of the game rather then to the benefit of Riven mains. Is this just so you can keep the "Non-supports", people who get autofilled and think playing {{champion:555}} means "I'm helping" happy? Great... more edgelord supports in botlane... might as well name this game "League of Edgelords"... there is one in every lane now. {{champion:266}}, {{champion:92}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:517}}, {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:555}} The Edgelord Squad... for angsty teens. There is only so much "Nobody understands me" that I can deal with in one day.
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