Open Letter to Rioters and High Ranked Players

I try everything. I read guides, I tried new builds, I've done every single thing I can think of. I'm sick of being called the bad player in my group of friends. Every season I've ever done, no matter how good I am or how much I try, I always wind up Bronze. And if I'm extremely unlucky, stuck forever in Bronze V. I'm at my wits end. It's supposed to be a game, but people put so much damn stock in your ranking and your mastery and all of this other stuff that it becomes infuriating. I often find myself yelling in games because I'm trying to impress my friends by moving through the ranks, and yet never can. If I could just make it to Silver without being carried (I was carried the only time I ever made it to Silver), it'd be an accomplishment. I want to believe I'm better than Bronze V, I really do. But Riot believes that the ranking system rewards people positions based on their own skill. If that's the case, then being forever stuck in Bronze forever _doesn't really make it feel worth playing anymore._ I know this probably comes off as a lot of whining, but... well, what can I do? I'm asking Riot themselves, and high ranked players. What can I do anymore?
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