Dear Riot

League of legends is fun (don't quote me on that). Summoners Rift is of course THE game mode and map people play. ARAM is also there for people who don't like the whole farming and such and want a more action packed game mode. Twisted Treeline is for those who don't want to play 5v5 but still want to play ranked. But where are the modes for people who just want to have fun, I understand you can have fun in these modes. But where are the modes like Nexus Blitz, Blood Moon, Nexus siege, One for all, Doom Bots or Ascension? I miss every single one of these modes. It is not a reason to cancel a mode like Nexus Blitz because it would have pulled people away from another mode. People would have gotten "tired" of the mode eventually. League of Legends =/= Summoners Rift Make more gamemodes that are PERMANENT . Something we can just go back to after a long day, to play our favorite game if we're not in the mood for a normal 5v5 or 3v3 or aram. I personally want rotating game modes back since me and my friends were more happy playing league when a certain game mode was on then ever. It would help the more casual side if there was a more of a fun mode. From: A league of legends addict {{champion:33}}
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