Generic Post Complaining about Bronze.

Wait wait wait! I'm not actually complaining about my teammates, or items, or "no counterplay." What I will complain about is the mindset. I'm not stuck in bronze because of elo hell. Hell, I'm not even stuck to begin with. In every game I've played I've managed to climb to higher divisions than those I played better than. I know there isn't some mythical realm where all the shit league players congregate and swear on blood oath to let no other bronze out. Even if he does play like a Gold. (This is why so many people smurf. Even a gold can come down to bronze and feel like he is playing against intermediate bots.) For me? It's much simpler. I had a mindset of "what are the pros doing?" and thats the wrong mindset to have. One, i'm no pro. Two, My teammates aren't pro. All I can do is hope to point the team towards an objective or follow them to the one they choose. Getting out of bronze is easy when your skill level is two or three elos higher. For someone who has only played in bronze, it seems a bit harder. And my logic is; every game is different. One game you may lose because the top lane yasuo got unreasonably fed off your top lane yi. (Bronze picks amirite?) One game you may lose because your team just turns on itself and flames. One game you may lose because you simply didnt have the objective focus of the enemy team. Or any combination of the three. League is my first and only MOBA. I love it, ever since I played my first match I loved the game. I am a sucker for a challenge and every day this game challenges me. The important thing is, you either win, or you learn. Losing is never my teams fault. I should've carried harder. Every death was me. Overextending without vision? Diving into that team fight thanks to greed? Getting baited into a bush with no vision? Or just bad positioning. See, there are a million things about league we don't know when we start. For me, I didn't even know what kiting was until I got my ass handed to me for a couple weeks as an ADC player. Watching YouTube videos helped me get better. For the past year and a half of League I've really applied myself. I stuck with a couple champions I can be consistent with, I focused on really LEARNING my roles, and trying to get a good understanding of what each phase of the game is about. Early mid and late game. I learned how objectives can win or lose you the game. All of it. Now, it seems like hours and hours of youtube videos and practices would make it easy to climb. Still no, I am climbing, slowly but surely. 23 LP wins, 18 LP loses. I still fuck up. I still get mad at myself. The thing is, by controlling myself better, I went from a 600 MMR in S6 to whatever it is now(1000+). (Wish RITO would just give us our damn MMR already.) If you are in bronze, focus on you. Even if you are 13-1 and your entire team is feeding. What can YOU do? You can't make them stop. You can't make them pro. You can only change how YOU play. The faster you learn that, the faster you can get to silver and call that elo hell as well.
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