Top lane is stupid.

It is a lane specifically designed, I assume, for tanks, hypercarries and select cheeselords. Riot nerfed Absolute Focus/Adaptive Shards/{{summoner:14}} with toplane in mind, I'm sure, but all that did was force some cheeselords out of the meta and hurt the WR of some others. Tanks and {{champion:92}} {{champion:24}} mains still just breeze through laning phase with no repercussions. No one cares about what happens top lane, because no one can do anything about it. It is the playground of smurfs who want to do nothing but stomp worse players in a war of attrition and 1v10 for the rest of the game. All top laners do is play ridiculously safe for 20 minutes, then either splitpush to nexus or show up to teamfights doing something ridiculously broken. Saying top lane is an island is like saying pink is green. Top lane is a void, a vacuum, that potentially decides games without any input from the rest of either team. Don't even get me started on top ganks. Jungle ganked top unsuccessfully? Free dragon! Jungle ganked top successfully? Now their smurf top laner can snowball into lategame and carry their team to victory! There is no middle ground! Hashinshin does whine a lot, but it's also a reason he remains relevant because HE IS RIGHT ABOUT TOP LANE! It is an abomination and is also the Smurf Village. It features some of the most anti-strategies known to League of Legends. Nothing about it in its current state is healthy. **Nothing. ** I honestly wonder what its purpose in the game is, unless I'm confusing this game with Quidditch where one team's Seeker can randomly catch the Golden Snitch for ez wins and 10 points for Gryffindor. Top lane is stupid.
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