Vayne mains trigger me

I never get this with any other champions but I play support and I love working with EVERY OTHER ADC in the game, even {{champion:429}} who chooses when to throw me at the enemy team but the one I hate most is {{champion:67}}. These people just are not worth being nice to AT ALL. They fit into two catagories... 1. They get fed, slaughter the whole enemy team and then act like it was all them. 2. The try to 1v2 while I'm back at base after they've spent the whole lane tower diving the enemy team and then scream at me for dying. (Dude, I'm {{champion:16}} I'm sacrificing my own health to protect you from your OWN stupidity. I have NEVER met a nice Vayne player... What is it about this champion, they just totally trigger me with how stupid or ungrateful they are.
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