Possible Jhin Build

Runes: Fleet Foot Work //Against a hard poke lane works well to compensate for the lack of skill. (at least for me it works) Triumph Legend: Bloodline Coupe De Grace secondary : Domination CheapShot RELENTLESS HUNTER // The most important is this one, coz its the main reason I'm even posting this. summoner spells: flash and teleport. Okay so, whichever way you want to configure your runes as long as you end up with relentless hunter in there somewhere, the idea is to skip building boots with Jhin. Relentless hunter boosts me to about 400-450 on a good game based on the kills and then hard contesting the cloud drakes can boost me to around 460-475 based on the number of cloud drake in the game. To me, it looks like reasonable Ms although it's unreliable due to the random drake spawns and possible kills you might get at a particular time or stage of the game. Now the upside is that it leaves you with one extra slot to get either a defensive item or offensive item such as GA or maybe a Magic resist item. It's been easy for me to build 100% Crit and still have defensive items. Please don't get me wrong I'm not saying boots cant be used as defensive or offensive items, I'm just trying to see if maybe if it makes sense to get the ms value out of other items and use the vacant item slot to better adapt to the game. my usual build: IE, rapid-fire canon and the IE x 2 in that order. The Rapid Fire Canon also gives me 5% Ms boost. that's it for the damage the rest is situational. Oh also as Jhin you get increased ms when you crit or CC so at 100% crit you can kite quite well or chase depends on the situation. However, I have noticed that most of the time I need to chase I can just Ult to kill or CC from a distance to catch up. To compensate for the lack of Ms early game, I always have a trap in my exit route and also between me and the enemy (Laning Phase). Gives me head start. I can always cc then if they gap close too quickly. 60%-80% success rate lower elo so far (Depends who you up against, how you playing and how good they are). Any champ support that can boost your ms is also great and will help with lanning phase. I would like to hear your thoughts and maybe improvements to the build. Please try it out and let me know. Thanks in advance.
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