Trundle is the Pinnacle of Gameplay Design and Balance Riot should Strive for

I know what you all are thinking. Trundle wtf? But actually think about it Of all the champions in league I cannot think of a champion who I consider more balanced then trundle. He fits his Niche perfectly and does his job great without being over bearing. He doesn't do everything. He is a split pushing drain tank and he does those two things very well and has clear distinct weaknesses. Every champion should be like this. Excel in one or two areas and have clear weaknesses and counterplay. It just seems like lately Riot wants to release champions that do absolutely everything and it creates balance nightmares IE Ekko and Zoe. I wish they would go back to giving champions distinct identities that they were fantastic and with clear weaknesses so every game it was an actual decision on who to pick based off the enemy comp and what you were trying to accomplish instead of just locking in a Champion with little to no weaknesses because you are desperate for that LP. Just some food for thought i was recently thinking about

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