Catch-Up Experience Is Unhealthy for Competitive Play

The way I see it, catch-up experience in the jungle is just a giant safety net for bad junglers. Just had a game where I was Vi and the enemy Graves invaded my blue buff level 1 and took it, so I responded by taking literally his entire bot side jungle, catching him at his red buff and killing him. Over the course of the game I stole each of his camps at least once, some more than that, had more kill participation than him, yet he was always on par with me in experience. For all of the mid game, I literally had double his farm, I am not exaggerating. Catch-up experience makes it absolutely pointless to out-jungle your opponent because they'll just catch up to you in experience immediately because of this ridiculous system riot has in place. Most low elo junglers "counterjungle" by running into your jungle quick, taking one camp, usually a buff, then running off again. Historically, this has been considered bad counterjungling because a good jungler will just counter-invade you like I did, but with catch-up experience now being a thing, it honestly amounts to about the same thing as actually properly counterjungling your opponent. Riot needs to remove this from the game so it stops hurting competitive play, because all it does is bail out bad jungle play.
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