Could we perhaps discuss Nami?

Mostly I wanted to toss out the idea of ways to buff this champion without forcing her into a must ban support like rakkan. MY first thought was ratios on her e could use a small increase, perhaps a base buff for the 1 and 2nd ranks. Another idea was to increase the number of bounces on her w from 3 to 5, perhaps this would allow her to fully utilize the blue support gold item better. I had always thought the r to be a bit slow in how it travels, perhaps we could see an increase in missile speed there. Her q I think does need a missile speed buff, but aside from that it is fine. Last idea would be a duration buff on her passive, perhaps adding some more time on the ms would give her and her carry an edge. Can anyone else think of any problems with these suggestions? Perhaps some other ideas on how to buff her without making her too strong?
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