How do I Freeze Waves?

Laning is currently my weakest phase of the game. During midgame, I can find the farm to catch back up, but I'd rather have the advantage midgame and continue to grow it. I think that my midlane is fine, but my ADC needs help and my top is atrocious. The biggest thing I need to work on is freezing waves. I know the theory behind it, last hitting the minion right before it dies, but I struggle in practice. When I try to freeze a wave, it seems like I take a lot of damage from the minion wave/ enemy laner, or I end up missing a lot of cs. I know I want to freeze the wave just outside turret range, but if the enemy has clear all my minions, that means I'm taking a decent amount of damage early trying to get them to and keep them at the right spot. So how do I get the wave to freeze without taking a lot of damage? Another thing that I'd like to know is how to form those megawaves that will crush 2 towers without intervention?
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