Yet another reminder that except 2 runes, Sorcery is solely composed of more damage or more mobility

For Riot and the others who may have forgotten what is the Sorcery tree description: "Empowered abilities and resource manipulation." Aside from Nullifying orb and manaflow band, we could quite literally switch Domination's tree with Sorcery and its description ("Burst damage and target access") would actually make **a lot more sense than what it is currently**, since it fits the entirety of the rest of the kit: damage and movement only (Since CDR is soooooo common and easy to stack nowadays, even transcendance is seen more as damage than cooldown) . Ever since the start of runes reforged, almost anything in the Sorcery tree looks like it was purely designed to be a secondary tree option for most carries, while giving barely any customisation to its primary users (mages mostly). Even its keystones are questionnable: ever since, once again, the start, the keystones were either very poorly aimed at mages (phase rush), nerfed because of non mage users (Aery) or simply non reliable enough for some users (comet without cc). We are in desperate need for a new keystone who is actually both different and usable by mages and we also need to change what is offered in sorcery to be more of a "more damage secondary tree for damage dealers". There's only one mana-related rune (representing resource manipulation) while there's way too many movement/mobility runes (and, sadly, almost every single changes to the tree actually brings even more). The only aspect used in "empowered abilities" is, sadly, just more plain damage. There's no utility at all like sustain, slightly more cc, on hit effects who aren't just more "ouch",etc. I know that everyone think as mages as the class who only focus onraw stats and damage, but I find this quite ironic since the most recent "golden age" of mages was caused not because of damage, but because of the utility pre-nerf {{item:3116}} and pre-rework {{item:3165}} had (granted, morello was way too much in a single item, but still...). There are so many ways to deal more damage nowadays that mages don't actually need that much more damage sources and it wouldn't hurt the game at all to see some damage to be taken away from it. Everything is turning into assassins and this isn't fun at all, starting by reworking a mage tree who almost entirely looks like an assassin one would be a pretty good step ahead.
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