ELO Hell Exists

If a Bronze or Silver tells you they're in ELO hell, don't dismiss them for something that "doesn't exist" The game is a team game, not a solo game. If it were a solo game, ELO hell wouldn't exist. But when one person can hinge the match from doing so shit, but one person can't win the match from doing so well; that's where the ELO hell comes in. ELO hell is having your team flame eachother, even if you go 10/3 before 20 minutes. ELO Hell is having your jungler refuse to team fight or protect base out of spite of taking a jungle camp. ELO Hell is having your top laner refuse to come help you in a 1v1 just above Barons pit, simply because you didn't gank him when you were bot side. ELO Hell is having your support run away from you, never using their utility just because you auto-piloted and took a cannon minion when they had runics up. ELO hell is having your ADC farm all game because Jungler didn't play Heralds bot. League Of Legends is a team game, one bad person has a larger impact than the best. I was 13/7/3, the 7 deaths only coming in later. Everything was fine, every lane was doing perfect, but our Darius started to spam ping, and 4 minutes into the match, without a word "Report Zac" followed by more flaming to Zac later on He spammed surrender, and when he saw all of us refused, he simply said "Enjoy your game" sticking to top lane from there on out, and when they were taking our base turrets; he was taking their wolves. We lost simply because we couldn't 5v5, only 4v5. Best thing is, after the game, he admitted to just wanting to fuck up my ELO. Or how about the game I just had, where middle was flaming jungle, jungle was flaming mid, sup and top were flaming jungle. Which led to mid feeding and having a Yasuo roam around the map with 7 kills under his belt before ten minutes. I recognise, from my match history it's clear; I'm not the best player. I can probably sit comfortably at high silver, low gold. But when my game is fucked, and I get demoted simply because of trolling; which I seem to get matched with every match, it makes me want to stop playing this game. Oh, and that Darius? I filed a report to a Rioter themselves; he's still been playing, unbanned.
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