On Hit Neeko

So I've been trying to pick up Neeko as my 2nd main next to {{champion:34}} and basically try to become a "2 trick" instead of a one trick. So I've been playing Neeko a lot lately and trying to figure out how exactly to build and get used to her match ups and then something struck me as odd. Why doesn't anyone actually play On-hit Neeko? I know Neeko isn't a popular champion and honestly she feels a little weak atm but even looking at pro builds or any site that shows what pro players build, they all use her as burst Neeko. Which is fine since burst Neeko is good and is the right way to really play her, but her W allows her a decent option to play her on hit especially with {{item:3124}}. I'd assume it probably has to do with on hit Neeko having low wave clear during the main phase if you are maxing W first, which makes it hard to push wave and roam since she is a great roaming champion. Though I guess you could max Q first and grab {{item:3285}} so you have burst, strong wave clear and then go right into {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} with your W maxed second to transition into a strong on-hit build for the Mid game. Also I know that the lane match up is also very important when deciding to do that as well...as I wouldn't even think about going on hit against some one who can burst me before even proc'ing W like {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} or any assassin. Which is why I feel starting out maxing Q with getting a Luden's first (or maybe Protobelt, or even RoA) as your first item and then going into Nashor's and Rageblade might help with making the weaknesses of On-hit Neeko less annoying. Any other Neeko players, have you tried On hit Neeko and if so, how did you do? What did you build? And I'm guessing Conquer be the best option on her for it? I guess Lethal Tempo would technically be better but if you planned on maxing Q and rushing a heavy AP item first, you'd get more out of Conquer. Thoughts?
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