AD Leona almost viable.... Riot please help

I have been playing more and more leona and I have got to say AD leona is quite fun and strong but lacks certain ratios to make it viable... If at least one of her abilities such as her W or E had an ad ratio she would be really viable and fun. Her aoe damage is decent right now with her W,E, R and ravenous hydra but still falls off later in the game because none of them have ratios on it. Leona right now has an insane level 2 all in and can snowball her lane easily off of it... She is gonna be really strong with the new trinity force buffs... 45% cdr ad leona omg. Riot please consider giving her some ad ratios. Her ap ratios suck and it does not feel worth it to go ap, maybe remove them and give her ad ratios. They do not even have to be good ad ratios... just something. Let the Radiant Dawn Leona have some damage with her Zenith blade! Let her force people to praise the sun!! Let solo lane Leona be viable. So I have been testing a damage oriented build leona that would only be good in the jungle, mid, and against none tank top laners. Runes is 15% cdr through runes and masteries at the start of the game, masteries 8/12/0, It feels pretty good. Rush a trinity force or ravenous and see for yourselves.
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