Jungle is the hardest role to play

That's why you should be absolutely sure you know how the mechanics of jungle work before you jump into ranked. Also if you tilt easily this lane is not for you. There is so much to know with this role. Counter jgling. What camps to clear. How to clear camps. What lanes to gank and what lanes not to gank. Anticipating where the enemy jungle is going to go. I've honestly seen so many games where my opponents team has a jungle that's clearing camps fast and ganking lanes every 30 seconds while our jg just gets stage fright and is unsure how to counter that jg. Sometimes you will run into a better jungler but there is always the opportunity to figure out the pattern of the jg and shut him down. I mean autofill definitely doesn't help. Also when you gank you should let your laners get the kills. I've seen time and time again a jg that gets kill hungry and ends up not carrying the game even when they have all the kills. I don't see jg as a carry role unless you very very good at it. JG is mainly a 2nd supp for the team. Just in case the lane isn't going in your favor, you can have some help. Also warding is a big thing. Knowing if lanes are warding is one of the best things you can do. How are you to gank a nasus top if bushes are warded. Now I mean if he is really bad and isn't watching the map you may get lucky but as you move up you start to realize people are more aware of the map and wards. And now you've wasted time going top to deal with Nasus and your enemy jungle just ganked bot and got a double kill for the ADC.{{summoner:31}} Most of the time if you're playing an early game champ, going into their jg is a must. You need to have figured out what buff they started first of all. If you can shut the enemy jg down early, chances are you can gank more often and not have to worry about getting counter jg yourself. More ganks = more kills = more gold = more kills = more turrets = nexus. Cause let's face it, this a 5v5 game and not 4v4. Next time a jg ganks your lane, give him a pat on the back. And if he makes a mistake, try to give him encouragement. The worst thing you can do is blame ur jg if your lane is not going your way. Cause then they might play worse. Or they may just farm until 20 LOL. Jungle is the hardest role to play and I think many would agree with me here. Also, vision wards SAVE LIVES! Get out there and {{summoner:11}} SOMETHING!
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