Sylas using AD ults?

Hi people. Just wanted to ask - as I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet - how Sylas' damage scales with certain ults, such as AD ults. Similarly, I also wonder how he scales with stacking ults, such as Veigar's Primordial Burst. So let's say Sylas is super fed. He steals {{champion:126}} ult, which gives him regular Jayce abilities. Will those abilities now deal as much damage as if Jayce we equally fed? How would they even calculate that in terms of what items Jayce could have potentially built? Or, for example, you are a fed Sylas and you steal {{champion:104}} ult. Will Collateral Damage now be super strong, or will it only be as strong as the Graves from whom he stole the ult? Or, to go back to the {{champion:45}} example - does Sylas also effectively steal the amount of stacks the enemy Veigar has built when he steals & uses his ult? On the contrary, what if Sylas is behind, and steals an incredibly fed Veigar's ult? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}

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